Financial Regulation

INSYS Group’s Financial Regulation practice uses its global expertise to make sure data is timely, meaningful and properly handled.

Doing business has never been so complicated. Operating in jurisdictions around the world, challenged to keep current on multiple laws and regulatory policies, today’s global financial organizations not only have to keep track of myriad financial data, but report it to authorities accurately, completely, and in a way that addresses each agency’s priorities, no matter what country they represent.

INSYS Group’s Financial Regulation team understands how data is used, by business as well as regulators. They’re experts on the intricacies of reporting across governments and regularly orchestrate efforts across borders. Their knowledge of Basel II and III, liquidity reporting and Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) enable them to identify and address anomalies before they become a headache.

Global in Scope

Whatever the assignment, we make sure your reporting practices are designed, implemented and run properly and effectively. In short, we ensure the integrity of your processes in a way that satisfies internal stakeholders as well as regulatory officials. We conduct gap analyses, then develop the approach needed to close the gap and address compliance-related issues. With INSYS Group, you’re assured that your reporting processes are aligned with regulatory requirements at the most detailed level.

What makes us unique? A proven ability to learn a client’s businesses and leverage our financial industry expertise to make sure data is timely, meaningful and properly handled. We’ve helped clients solve business problems in finance, treasuries, risk management and CCAR. With our expertise in business process re-engineering, we can identify and resolve problem areas in data gathering and reporting.

We’ll help centralize your efforts so that you can better manage reporting to both regulators and investors, ensuring they have a timely, accurate picture of the health of your business.

For more than 15 years, Fortune 100 financial organizations have recognized INSYS Group’s Financial Regulation professionals for their industry knowledge, domain expertise and, most important, integrity while delivering the right solutions. It’s why our relationships last for years: We only succeed when our clients do, and we approach every engagement with this in mind.