Enterprise Information Management

INSYS Group creates Enterprise Information Management solutions that make data the basis for real action.

Data is one of a company’s most critical assets. But to be useful it must be manipulated through an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) system that addresses the demands of data quality, data management, data warehousing, and data integration. Data scientists know this, but rare is the company that has assembled these pieces into a cohesive and coherent model.

Translating Data Into Success

When a business gets this right, it can count on consistent and actionable data from transaction platforms and reliable insights from business intelligence systems. But managed improperly, information becomes difficult—and expensive—to leverage in meaningful ways.

INSYS Group is committed to creating solutions that make data accessible, so it can be used as the basis for real action.

As businesses merge or are acquired, the amount of time spent processing redundant and out-of-date data drains both resources and the bottom line. The same holds true when new systems are bolted onto legacy applications, or when information is compiled from disparate sources ranging from separate corporate divisions to multiple third parties. In a world where data has to be managed to be useful, INSYS Group provides expert services in data governance, data quality and master data management.

We work closely with your team to offer tailored, strategic and curated services that are specific to your Enterprise Information Management needs. And because our data expertise encompasses analytics, business intelligence and data warehousing, we help you get the most out of your data through every discipline from predictive analytics to visualization.

We provide world-class services in:

Data Governance

This is the core component of EIM. We work across your company to put together data governance strategies and models that will strengthen your analytics platform with increased collaboration, greater efficiency and streamlined operation. What was once an overwhelming organizational and cultural effort becomes a single, streamlined approach.

Data Quality

We ensure that your data is of the highest quality by verifying and validating each component, identifying outliers and researching the issues we uncover. We guarantee accurate, accessible and up-to-date data that will help you achieve positive results in everything from efficiency to cost savings and customer outreach.

Master Data Management

We work diligently to help you implement policies, standards and tools for managing the flow of information that’s so critical to your business. We can devise the strategy, help you select the right platform, enable the system’s readiness for all contingencies and link your data to a common point of reference. And, we’ll establish an ROI so you can make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

With INSYS Group’s EIM services, you’ll be sure that the data you use to generate business momentum is accurate, accessible and ready to release its value.