Digital Marketing

INSYS Group deploys advanced analytics to turn data into the actionable knowledge that promotes your brands and builds your initiatives.

As adoption surges for digital media and devices, companies are investing billions of dollars in digital marketing. At the same time, they’re discovering that effective campaigns require not just creativity and timing, but intelligence—active insights into the minds of prospects as well as data about which tactics are succeeding, which aren’t, and how buyers are navigating their path along the sales funnel.

Intelligence That Works

INSYS Group provides the intelligence you need to ensure your marketing campaigns are effective. We deploy advanced analytics to turn data into actionable knowledge that promotes our clients’ brands and successfully builds their initiatives. We integrate data from Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, social media, mobile, display and retargeting to help drive your marketing strategy with one goal in mind: to meet—or exceed—your business objectives.

How do we do it?

We Quantify

We ensure that your systems, technologies and strategies are in place to collect clear, usable data, and that the quality and efficiency of your efforts stay honed and targeted. We uncover the behaviors hidden in your campaigns’ trends, extrapolate meaningful analytics and share our recommendations for vision and strategy so you can make timely, robust decisions at every level.

We Optimize

Our business intelligence is meant to empower. We’ll help you define strategic objectives and measure your progress. We successfully support CMOs, brand managers and product managers with customer experience metrics that fill gaps and capture consumer demands.

We don’t stop there. We strive to continually improve our services and methodologies to make sure that all of your campaigns are executing the right strategies and achieving optimum results.

We Pay Attention to Compliance

With extensive experience managing campaigns across the telecommunications, finance and pharmaceutical industries, we understand the importance of compliance with government regulations and industry guidelines. We incorporate compliance reviews into all our digital marketing efforts and make sure your campaigns meet all of the necessary requirements.

INSYS Group’s Digital Marketing team combines domain experience with analytics expertise and industry knowledge to develop the strategies you need to create campaigns that succeed, delivering seamless, contextual and hyper-targeted customer and prospect experiences, to drive business momentum and growth.