Business & Industry Consulting

With our deep industry, functional and business experience, INSYS Group offers compelling, ahead-of-the-curve insights.

In today’s global marketplace, companies face complex issues that upset their normal course of business—disruptive technologies, heightened transparency, and the challenges of regulatory compliance are just a few of the hundreds of forces driving changes in the way things get done. Dealing effectively with these challenges requires an organization to not only re-examine their underlying processes, stakeholder engagement and business models, but often to transform the business itself.

But that can’t take place in a vacuum. To truly transform, you need a partner—one with deep technical and industry knowledge and a wide range of talents and capabilities. A partner who provides actionable insights and teams with you to help sustain and increase momentum. That partner is INSYS Group.

Every Step of the Way

INSYS Group’s approach extends from strategy development through implementation—helping you realize extraordinary value from your transformation journey. With our deep industry, functional, and business experience, we offer clients ahead-of-the-curve insights. Our consulting services focus on building and enhancing your approach to critical business issues, and our success is measured by the results clients achieve across a range of sectors: financial services, pharma and biotechnology, healthcare, technology, and telecommunications.

Our consulting services include:

  • Strategy and Planning: We develop customized solutions that deliver the foundation blocks needed to build your business and minimize risk.
  • Marketing: We analyze data to produce meaningful customer insights through advanced analytics and big data modeling, then deliver it through people who understand where this intelligence can lead.
  • Organization: We provide the cross-functional effort necessary to successfully align your company across verticals and ensure achievement of your goals.
  • Performance Management: We stay on top of things. We track each project using appropriate metrics and reporting to make sure you reach your business objectives within your targeted time frame.
  • Process Improvement: We tailor our approach to each client to proactively identify, analyze and improve on your existing business processes.
  • Process Design or Redesign: We break down silos and analyze and design—or redesign—and identify your most critical processes so you can not only meet your organizational needs, but innovate as well.
  • Business and Industry Functionality: Our teams offer a holistic, end-to-end understanding of the enterprise, including functional and domain expertise that encompasses everything from call centers, to order processing, to claims processing, medical testing and industry compliance.

Expert Experience

Most important, we bring experience to the table. When you engage INSYS Group, you don’t wait out a learning curve. For each client, we assemble a team of subject matter experts with at least a decade of high-level experience, a deep and progressive knowledge of your business and industry, and a strong understanding of the work that needs to be done.

INSYS Group’s consulting services will help you thrive in an environment of never-ending change. We’ll work with you to prioritize and focus on the key projects that will make the greatest difference to your business, delivering value and building momentum for the transformation ahead.

Our focus is on providing you with the insights you need to develop effective approaches to the critical business issues you face.