Big Data & Data Analytics

We help you monetize big data by matching our expertise in statistics and analytics with the latest technology in ways that drive real results.

Turning mountains of data into practical and actionable business analytics is not nearly as straightforward as people believe. So how do you turn data into insights, and insights into real competitive advantage?

Where other consulting firms focus on technologies and methodologies, INSYS Group focuses on solutions. We help our clients monetize big data by matching our expertise in statistics and data analytics with appropriate technology in ways that drive real results.

All About Results

You see, we don’t look at data as an end unto itself. We pioneered the approach of analyzing data in ways that create meaningful, actionable insights. We do this with a team whose skills span every aspect of data challenges—technology, infrastructure, data management, analytics, interpretation, visualization, and presentation—all combined with industry-specific expertise that allows us to put your analysis in the right context.

For example, we’ve:

  • Developed a business intelligence data architecture to support the commercialization of consumer insight data.
  • Helped clients determine complex and insightful behavior patterns using advanced analytics techniques.
  • Designed and developed a software platform to associate disparate events with consumer behavior models.
  • Provided statistical programming and analysis for health outcome research and clinical trials.

Uncovering the Meaning

We achieve exceptional results because we understand how all of the pieces fit together—from data cleansing to implementing visualization tools customized for the people putting the data to work.

INSYS Group helps you analyze data in ways that create meaningful, actionable insights, the kind of intelligence that drives strategies and tactics—and builds business results.

As a result, our clients get deeper insights into the customer behaviors that drive product strategies, build better demand forecasts, and develop programs that directly impact the bottom line.

From the beginning of each project, we take the time to understand the underlying drivers behind your business needs and make sure our approach addresses them all. We do this with such consistency that Fortune 100 companies regard us as decades-long partners in their quest to make more effective use of analytics. All because we focus on helping them turn analytics into action. And results.

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