Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse

Companies across the Fortune 100 engage INSYS Group to employ business intelligence and data warehousing technologies that deliver the agility they need to meet future business challenges.

We live in a high-performance, efficiency- and speed-driven marketplace, where unlocking up-to-date, accurate and integrated information about your supply chain, products and customers may be critical for your success. But how do you turn this massive influx of data into lucrative breakthroughs across your organization?

By calling INSYS Group. After all, companies across the Fortune 100 have engaged us to help them understand and employ business intelligence and data warehousing technologies that deliver the agility they need to meet future business challenges.

Focusing on Fundamentals

When it comes to making the most of analytics, your outcomes can only be as good as the core data you work with. This idea is the foundation block of INSYS Group’s business intelligence and data warehousing services. We apply our expertise in analytics to a variety of challenges in a way that always respects the fundamentals.

When you engage INSYS Group, you’ll work with a team that’s been involved in business intelligence and data warehousing from the time they were used for static reporting through today’s advanced applications of predictive modeling, visualization and prescriptive analytics. We apply new technologies to information-gathering and reporting and combine the resulting tools with deep business and industry expertise, always focusing on making data actionable.

We approach business intelligence with a commitment to data quality, then ensure that analytics is used in ways that help clients turn insights into action.

Knowledge + Experience

This means we bring our experience to the real work involved in making sure your data is accurate and your data set is clean. We develop the workflow necessary to ensure you get the information you need to drive decisions and action, and see that you’re employing proper efforts in master data management, from governance and standards to the selection of appropriate tools and technology.

Our solutions not only draw on our expertise in data and analytics, but leverage our knowledge of your organization’s unique challenges and industry dynamics. INSYS Group combines technical skills with business knowledge to make sure the end result is tailored for the people who’ll rely on it. Whether users are executives or product managers, customer service leaders or salespeople, we’ll create data visualizations that allow them to drill down or look at the big picture.

Before we start work, we make sure requirements are clear and linked to your business drivers. Our team works with yours, side by side, to create the tools you need to make your company more nimble, more responsive to the market, and more profitable. Put simply, we’ll help you deliver the promise of information agility to meet future business challenges.