Our Technology Expertise

provides strategies for next-generation architectures and solutions that align with your business needs

In the scrum of today’s marketplace, the organization with the most sophisticated business intelligence and analysis comes out on top. To remain competitive, companies must develop cost-effective, cutting edge approaches to data management, solutions that evolve with customer needs while effectively supporting their products and services.

Harnessing Data & Technology to Win

Without properly implemented analytics, even Tier 1 companies can’t target the right customers. The result: declining sales across all channels. In other words, the lack of a carefully calibrated connection with consumers can cost a business—a lot.

But when it comes to data and technology, maintaining a competitive edge involves a variety of complex challenges. Companies must design and develop solutions that not only improve sales but make smart use of automation, visualization and other tools that will increase their efficiency and the effectiveness of their planning. Their return on investment is even greater when they aggressively manage their efforts to finish each project in the most optimal timeframe.

Smart Execution

Digital transformation can be overwhelming for even the most technologically sophisticated businesses. This is why forward-looking organizations turn to INSYS Group. They know our expertise can provide technology strategies that take advantage of next-generation architectures, implement solutions across the front and back ends, and—most important—align with their business needs.

INSYS Group provides a unique blend of industry, data and technology expertise, so we can design and develop solutions that match your customer’s demands.

INSYS Group provides end-to-end project and program management and implementation for all of your technology initiatives. We work with Fortune 100 companies to develop project definitions, business cases and program conceptualizations, solve architectural and program design challenges, and implement big data initiatives that included data analytics, predictive analytics and modeling services.

Bottom-Line Results

To give just one example, our team created a predictive analytics program for a brand-name company that married customer behavior to specific products. By extrapolating customer-provided data, we built persona models, then scored them on product affinities and reasons for contacting the help desk. The result was dramatically improved sales because of successful product matching, and substantial savings due to reduced call-center activity.

We provide a unique blend of industry, data and technology expertise that allows us to design and develop solutions that match the demands of specific customers. With INSYS Group, you can count on a project kickoff that involves minimal ramp-up, since our teams bring with them proven expertise in your business, industry and markets. Plus, we are committed to building state-of-the-art predictive analytics recommendation engines that will drive your company well ahead of its competition.

INSYS Solution Brief

INSYS Telect Managed Power Solution
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