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Providing Superior Knowledge

of data technology, management, analytics, interpretation and presentation for the pharma and biotech industries

Whether you look at it in terms of science, business, operations or regulations, the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most complex in the world.

While researchers develop gene-based therapies that zero in on diseases like a rifle shot, global companies eye each other for mergers and acquisitions and startups explore new areas of treatment. Meanwhile, regulators monitor everything from drug safety to marketing and electronic data capture. It makes for a business that is at once dynamic and rigorously controlled, where billions of dollars are at stake, to say nothing about the health of people around the globe.

Guiding Industry Leaders

In such an environment, companies need a partner that can provide the expertise needed to ensure their work gets done in ways that satisfy the compliance demands of regulators in multiple jurisdictions. INSYS Group’s Pharma & Biotech practice works with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop workflows that result in thorough, complete documentation that addresses the demands of both internal compliance specialists and regulators, wherever they may be.

We succeed because our team includes veteran specialists in pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, electronic data capture, compliance, documentation and workflow. Whether your project involves clinical trial reporting, manufacturing, operational services or outreach, we’ll develop and manage a process that will succeed within your unique culture and environment. We understand the rigors of the process, so you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your compliance concerns are being properly addressed.

INSYS Group’s Pharma & Biotech practice develops workflows that result in the kind of thorough, complete documentation that addresses the demands of both internal compliance specialists and regulators throughout the world.

We bring that same level of expertise when we apply data analytics to your decision-making. By combining our knowledge of pharma and biotechnology with seasoned expertise in data technology, management, analytics, interpretation and presentation, we can tailor our approach to your business objectives and the characteristics of your specific markets.

It’s no wonder that some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies partner with INSYS Group. They know we’ll come in with a team that understands their business, will sweat the details, and create the kind of long-term relationship that can only be built on their success.

INSYS Case Study

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