Leveraging Data

to improve performance in the ever-changing healthcare landscape

Healthcare today is undergoing a profound shift, a shift that impacts everything from the way treatments are delivered to how payers and providers manage their businesses.

While the media focuses on the Affordable Care Act, some of the biggest changes are in fact occurring in the payer space, as insurance companies confront an unprecedented level of data demand that encompasses both real-time and historic information. In a high-cost, low-margin business, both providers and payers are increasingly using data to identify gaps in care and coverage, as well as eliminate waste, minimize fraud and provide the best possible outcomes for patients.

Better Data for Better Outcomes

INSYS Group’s Healthcare practice is comprised of professionals who combine years of experience in both healthcare and data analytics. They understand how the industry works and see data as the key to succeeding in a brutally competitive business. Though we implement solutions using the latest tools, like Hadoop and Talend to take advantage of their flexibility, it’s our expertise in the industry—not our skills with the tools—that sets us apart.

By augmenting your team’s knowledge with ours, you can navigate with confidence the uncharted currents created by the Affordable Care Act. Our understanding of the industry’s fundamentals and the law’s impact lets us intelligently approach new ground and develop solutions to challenges few heathcare players have ever faced.

INSYS Group’s Healthcare practice combines years of experience in both healthcare and data analytics. Our professionals understand how the industry works and see data as the key to succeeding in a brutally competitive business.

When you engage INSYS Group, you work with a team that not only understands healthcare, but will work to understand your approach and ensure that everything we do will advance your business.

For example, when a client sought to increase quality of care but lower costs, we identified an innovative approach to real-time analytics. It allowed the company to look more proactively at preventative care, analyze clinical data to identify inefficient or ineffective treatments, and identify behaviors and trends in how and when members received treatment. As a result, gaps in preventative care were closed and instances of waste, fraud and abuse were identified and addressed. The client realized its goal: better care at lower cost.

The future of healthcare will be built on data. That’s one reason we’re already working with some of America’s largest insurers to develop new architectures that will compile, process and analyze data sets of a size that was inconceivable just a few years ago. Our experience allows us to effectively work in a shifting landscape as technology improves and new lessons are learned. When it comes to harnessing data to improve healthcare performance in every way, no one has a stronger record than INSYS Group.

INSYS Case Study

The client wanted to develop a comprehensive, innovative, intelligent data platform that could monitor and load streaming feeds from hundreds of data sources. It came to INSYS because of our expertise in data warehousing and business intelligence. Learn more.