Enterprise-Level Solutions

that make smart use of predictive analytics, user experience design and data visualization to align results

Shifting consumer needs and expectations are pushing insurers into new ways of doing business. At the same time, they’re faced with rapidly evolving technologies, making the tasks of designing and implementing appropriate systems all the more challenging.

A Dynamic Transformation

After all, transforming your approach to IT across a huge horizontal market is no small feat. A system that works to manage liability insurance may not work for health insurance, despite overlaps and integration paths. This means it’s incumbent upon insurers to keep abreast of technological developments so they can take advantage of them—and remain relevant.

Insurance companies are working mightily toward this goal, taking advantage of flexible project management best practices so they can better protect their IT investments. For many firms, the key is finding the right partner, a partner that combines deep industry experience with in-depth technology expertise and can effectively steer the development process from business requirements to implementation, then administer the new system so that it lives up to its promise.

That Partner is INSYS Group

By utilizing our proven experience in project management and technology, INSYS Group helps insurers create solutions for every line of their business on an enterprise level. We align incentives to results by making smart use of predictive analytics, user experience design and data visualization.

Because each client is different, we approach our relationships as partnerships. We’re expert at identifying your specific critical success factors and determining your unique technology demands and issues, and then create a strategy to address them. We measure our success not by whether a project is completed on-time and on-budget, but by how well it achieves your strategic goals—and boosts your bottom line.

With INSYS Group, insurers shake off moribund systems and processes and engage on a level that anticipates change, capitalizes on emerging opportunities and brings new products to market quickly and cost effectively.

We’re flexible, too. We can ramp up or down as needed and adapt and transform as your needs warrant. Our aim is to continually improve your digital systems by offering the latest methodologies and tools to help you measure and manage risk and capital, grow revenue and create a competitive advantage.

Partnering for Delivery

Ultimately, we focus on delivery. We understand the trends at play in the insurance space, from long-standing patterns to what happens day-to-day. As a result, we can engage seamlessly with your staff and organization, providing teams who begin each project fully up-to-speed and ready to put the most current best practices to work.

INSYS Group helps insurers build their analytical capabilities and achieve greater clarity about their customer needs. Working with us, you’ll shake off moribund systems and processes, and engage on a level that anticipates change, capitalizes on emerging opportunities and helps you release better products quickly and cost effectively.