Financial Services


Knowledge and Experience

are why some of the world’s largest financial services providers work with INSYS Group

Financial companies today are under tremendous pressure. Not only must they work in an environment that operates in literal real time, they face regulatory and compliance mandates that are increasingly complex and change across borders and timelines.

While designed to protect both business and consumers, the rules can seem mercurial and arbitrary, depending as they do on factors ranging from political whim to organizational structure.

Facing the Challenge

The challenge of complying with every international regulation can’t be underestimated. Even the most sophisticated organizations risk making errors that can lead to fines and other sanctions. It’s critical that they have access to the expertise that ensures they communicate accurately with regulators—through the proper mechanisms, with accurate information.

When working under such dynamics, companies need to muster every advantage in technology and, especially, in knowledge and experience. That’s why some of the world’s largest financial services providers work with INSYS Group.

Our Financial Services practice is staffed by industry professionals with significant experience in the international directives of financial services regulation and compliance—with a focus on Regulation W, Basel II, Basel III and CCAR—as well as with the implementation of capital market products.

The Expertise You Need

We provide significant business intelligence coupled with strong process and business reengineering expertise. And, we take the time to understand how your firm operates so we can collaborate with global stakeholders and deliver the large-scale enterprise initiatives you need.

INSYS Group has an extensive track record of building solutions for international financial services leaders. We’ve helped structure inter-affiliate service agreements and contracts, mapped out complex and auditable service relationships, and established approaches to Multiple Service Agreements in 71 countries. We’ve streamlined the compliance and reporting of data aggregation processes and provided veteran consultants to jumpstart strategic initiatives.

INSYS Group’s Financial Services practice comprises professionals with exceptional experience in the international directives of financial regulation and compliance, as well as in the implementation of capital market products.

We begin each project by understanding your business demands and keeping your bottom line in mind. Because we create each team around your unique needs, you’ll work with subject matter experts who’ll tailor solutions to meet them. Every member of our practice has at least 10 years of industry experience, so they know how to develop effective plans of action, then bring them to fruition.

To INSYS Group, every client is a partner. Our priority is to align our work with your strategic goals, improve your business performance and reduce complexity, so you can continue your growth as a true leader of the global financial services industry.

INSYS Case Study

INSYS helped a global financial leader implement an enterprise-wide Regulation W program of policies and infrastructure, to monitor covered transactions across 200 million accounts in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. Learn more.